Back When I Was a Songwriter

As I think back on 20 years of ministry it amazes me how there have been particular seasons when God has chosen to use me in unique ways.  Just the thought of being used by God is humbling. There is nothing in me that has deserved that. I can almost categorize different time periods with titles.  They weren’t so much the specific job I held but the way God has brought out and developed certain parts of me during certain years.

This has taught me that God really is in charge and can do whatever He wants with me.  When I embrace that truth, it is so good. This has also taught me that when those seasons are over, I need to let them be over.  It is a good thing to let go because it means God has something else good in store.

From about 1997-2003 could be labeled, “The Songwriter”.  Music has been an important part of my life since I was a kid. I started to play instruments as a 7 year old.  I have a degree in music.  I love a good rock guitar solo more than most things in the world.

During the years 1997-2003 I was working as a college minister in Little Rock, Ar. Prior to that I had written a bunch of songs but none of them were particularly “holy”.  But something happened in 1997, not sure what, that lit a fire in me to write songs of worship for the ministry that I was serving in.  I almost could not help but write and then lead our ministry to sing them. It wasn’t a pride thing but more like giving a voice to what God was doing around us.  It was writing the prayers, celebration, and confessions that we needed to sing.

So I wrote a lot of songs. I wrote constantly.  I almost could help but write. Honestly, many of those songs were pretty bad, but there were a hand full that seemed to be what that group of college students needed to stay.  It was wild.  One of the most humbling things I have experienced in ministry is hearing a room full of people worshiping God while singing a song I wrote.

I still have a stack of songs from back then laying around and it is like reading through a journal.  They bring up such good memories of those students.  Such a sweet time, when I was a song writer.

Here are the lyrics to one of my favorites.  It was very personal to me and still a song that I need to sing.



Words and Music by Doug Hunt, 2001

Less of me, more of You

Purify me, refine me

Strip me clean, make me whole

Simplify me, guide me

Take away the things that steal from Your fame

Fill me with the truth that glorifies Your Name

Wipe away the things that cover You in me

Overflow my life with what You long to see


Make me more like You

Jesus live Your life through me

Free me from myself

Jesus have Your way in me

Living in You

Moving in You

Hoping in You

Jesus I need You


1 thought on “Back When I Was a Songwriter

  1. Doug, I’ve always loved and appreciated your leadership – especially your worship leadership. Strange that you identified 1997 since that was also my year for exposure to authentic worship in a big way at Passion ’97.

    I still have your CD in my iTunes and your post inspired me to listen again!


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