16 Things for 16 Years

16 Things I Have Loved About Being Married to Shelley for 16 years

The life I have is so much greater than the one I have earned. There is no greater proof for that than the wife I have. Today is mine and Shelley’s 16th wedding anniversary and the years have flown by! I pray I will never take her for granted.

There are many more things I could write but for the sake of being clever I will keep it at 16.

I can’t think of a much better way to start this personal blog than writing a little about the most amazing person on the planet, Shelley Greenwood Hunt. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

So here are 16 things, in no certain order, that I have loved about being married to Shelley.
1) She has been my biggest fan, even in my worst seasons.
2) She laughs with me and at me if necessary….
3) We have the complete freedom to speak both the fun and not so fun truth to each other.
4) I love to look at her! She is beautiful. It probably gets on her nerves at times….
5) We are best friends. That is not cliche thing either. We really are!
6) She is always a place of rest and encouragement for me.
7) We are still learning about each other.
8) For some reason, she has stuck it out with me in the CRAZY life that we have lived.
9) I have never questioned whether or not she respects and believes in me.
10) She has been an amazing mom to our children.
11) She has treated me with selfless love.
12) We can sit and do absolutely nothing together and enjoy every minute of it.
13) She has put up with my mess…the literal mess I leave around the house.
14) She has never asked or expected me to not be me.
15) She always pursues to be the kind of wife that would make God happy.
16) We have never had a “bad” year…honestly.

What a great 16 years! I told my two older kids today that I pray they will one day be blessed to have the kind of spouse that I have in their mom. I love you Shelley!



6 thoughts on “16 Things for 16 Years

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  2. i just read your 4 or 5 posts on marriage and coming from a girl 28 days into divorce proceedings, I will honestly say you have things figured out, on marriage, way more than most!!! It heartbreaking to try to figure out why it’s so hard, but there is an easy answer, God was not the center of our marriage. I think you are on to something, and I think you will help many marriages survive, and/or improve. Keep up the great work!!!


    • Hey Leigh!
      Thanks for reading and commenting. Our marriage is definitely a work in progress. I am sorry to hear that about your marriage. I know it has to be unbelievably hard. When I read your comment it did push me to pray for you to find peace and grace in all of this.


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